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Replacing or rehabilitating a deteriorating sewer line can be costly. No agent wants their client to move into a home that has unknown and potentially costly problems. We provide the service of inspection at the most competitive price in the area. We know it's an important part of the process for anyone who wants to buy a home. Discovering potential issues early is beneficial to any investment. The sewer line might be out of sight, but it shouldn't be out of mind. For a less than $200.00 now, thousands can potentiallty be saved later.

Our video camera is attached to a manual push reel that can access lines up to 200 feet in length using high powered LED lights to illuminate the inside of a sanitary or bubbler line. The unit also contains a transmitter that allows Drain Rite, LLC. to locate the issue and help determine the length and depth of the pipe. The information we provide gives repair providers the ability to deliver accurate cost estimates.

Typically, it requires no more than 2 hours to complete a thorough residential sewer inspection. We encourage customers to view the video live on site as we are doing the inspection, allowing us to answer any questions you may have about what the video is capturing. At the conclusion of the inspection we provide the customer with a comprehensive report and a DVD copy of the inspection.

"...Know, before you go."

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